Nicky Hilton: tartan pop... At shopper!

Monday, January 04, 2016
Frankie E Ferguson

When Nicky Hilton goes shopping spree, she goes to the most simple: a strong piece tempered by some basic. Yesterday, it had set its sights on a bright red tartan coat. A look at copy without hesitation!

Nicky Hilton seems a lot like the red and black. A few weeks ago only, canada goose dawson parka sale combined the two colors for a casual look effective. Yesterday, for a session of shopping the streets of Beverly Hills, she has canada goose outlet again opted for these tones, this time with a tartan coat. A simple slim black and camel boots offset this canada goose sale strong piece to not wear with other printed matter - at least to call Anna Dello Russo.

Discrete coat flashy accessories
Still sober compared to its sister Paris, Nicky Hilton had chosen discreet Canada Goose Women's Dawson Parka accessories that left the star to the coat: a black bag canada goose dawson parka xs shoulder and mirror glasses. What is the best way canada goose dawson parka review not to commit any odd when we put on a strong piece in bright colors like this.

It is difficult to attribute to Nicky Hilton's fashion faux pas memorable. Apart from its holes in the Versace Haute Couture autumn-winter parade dress 2015/2016, the young woman is still at the forefront of trends. It is also for thisĀ CANADA GOOSE DAWSON PARKA Black WOMENS reason that she appealed to the couturier Valentino to draw her wedding dress. "Since I was little girl, I've always wanted that Valentino takes care of my wedding dress, it represents the very definition of canada goose parka outlet timeless elegance, there is no other House of couture as his own," explained in an interview for Harper's Bazaar. On 10 July, she said 'yes' to James Rotschild in a real princess dress.